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Today's enemies to fight:
strength -40
x 5
strength -30
x 6
strength -20
x 7
strength -10
x 8
strength 0
x 9
Last Today's Fight - Top 3
neoataxx+10 points
Sicknote1969+8 points
woody67+6 points
29/09/2014: 5 different default GIFS to replace those that are broken (thanks Tony).
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Last published level
nº 2566 heads up by Sicknote1969
Hall of Fame: Survival | Today's Fight
hallo has taken to sy 1 week ago Wave:123 Score:17822121
nº 2008 what is it????
by Sicknote1969
hallo has taken to dh 4 weeks ago Wave:88 Score:8045529
nº 1792 cool thingeh i swear
by alexander
hallo has taken to dh 1 month ago Wave:115 Score:15283540
nº 1807 I was sad today
by Sicknote1969
hallo has taken to Tony 1 month ago Wave:115 Score:15413860
nº 1831 let me know
by Sicknote1969
hallo has taken to Tony 1 month ago Wave:112 Score:13929344
nº 1832 some where over
by Sicknote1969
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