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Today's enemies to fight:
strength -40
x 5
strength -30
x 6
strength -20
x 7
strength -10
x 8
strength 0
x 9
Last Today's Fight - Top 3
neoataxx+10 points
29/09/2014: 5 different default GIFS to replace those that are broken (thanks Tony).
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Last published level
nº 2566 heads up by Sicknote1969
Hall of Fame: Survival | Today's Fight
Stiffer has taken to surfermaks 5 months ago Wave:76 Score:4426024
nº 536 [ Microchip ]
by ThunderWolf
neoataxx has taken to Rafa 5 months ago Wave:42 Score:1031336
nº 660 the cross
by max
neoataxx has taken to Rafa 5 months ago Wave:84 Score:6911722
nº 650 MONEY
by GFK
neoataxx has taken to richichus22 5 months ago Wave:67 Score:3747440
nº 631 Bruno's hater
by richichus22
neoataxx has taken to zulp 5 months ago Wave:89 Score:7046217
nº 621 Crossing paths
by vdub_bobby
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